Results vary on a case by case basis….whether the case is “big” or “small”, we will work hard to get our clients the compensation they deserve….

$1 million dollars

18 Wheeler disregarded stop sign and failed to yield right of way to client resulting in “t-bone” collision. Client sustaining injuries necessitating multiple fusion surgeries.

$3 million dollars

18 wheeler failed to yield right of way to plaintiff’s vehicle resulting in a catastrophic collision. Plaintiff sustained traumatic brain injuries, cervical and lumbar trauma.


Client slipped and fell on ice which accumulated in front of doorway to business establishment after sprinkler system malfunctioned during winter freeze. Client sustained fractured wrist requiring surgery.


Client was struck by vehicle while riding his bike in the French Quarter. The defendant disregarded a stop sign and struck Plaintiff in the middle of the intersection. Plaintiff’s injuries resulted in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder with months of rehabilitative therapy.


Client was struck by defendants vehicle as defendant attempted improper lane change. Client sustained injury to her shoulder requiring surgical intervention.

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